Hoover Type-Q HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Hoover Type-Q HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bag

What the heck is the next item? Looks like a bong for kids.

It’s a pouch you blow the smoke into, to reduce the odor - for those smoking on the d/l, or trying to lessen second hand smoke for others.

So great to use on an airplane then?

Not sure I would risk the huge fines and possible jail time/airline banning - but… :woman_shrugging:t2:
I think it’s geared more toward those living with parents or a s/o who do not approve of smoking (whatever type of smoke that might be).

Probably a good idea. My mom who hasn’t smoked a single day of her life but has lived with smokers was recently told her lungs are toast.
Drs couldn’t believe she wasn’t a smoker herself. Thankfully kids are smoking less and less tobacco but are unfortunately still finding other deadly chemicals to punish their innards.