Hoover UH70600 Wind Tunnel Max Multi-Cyclonic Bagless

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Hoover UH70600 Wind Tunnel Max Multi-Cyclonic Bagless
Price: $129.99
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Good reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com and more good reviews (3 out of 5 stars) over at jcpenny.com

Really don’t like Hoovers. I’ve had three break on me. The last one was similar to this model.

They tend to be really heavy too.

My mothers Dyson works way better, and so does the Shark that I’ve been using for 1.5 years now.

I had one of these hoover windtunnels. They weigh a ton, which to Kirby folks, sounds like a good thing, but to tug it back and forth a few hundred times, your arm eventually feel like it is going to fall out of its socket.

Save your money… Don’t waste it on a Hoover! Ever since Maytag bought them and closed the USA plants, Hoovers are cheap low quality plastic that Always Breaks!! My Mom had this Hoover Windtunnel… It Fell over when she opened her closet door and BROKE in Three places, leaving it useless throw away junk! I bought her a Dyson and she LOVES it! Thanks! P.S. Hoover Lies as they DO Lose Suction because they rely mainly on Filters for the fine dust!!

WWWWOOORSSTTEEE vaccum I’ve ever owned. I have had it 1-2 years and it doesn’t work right, even with new filters and a good cleaning to ensure no blockage. Don’t waste your money

I’ve had this model since October. I paid under $100 w/coupon, since it was a deal of the day. I was never a fan of the bagless feature, but the low cost and the retractable cord was it’s selling point.

I have relatively low carpeting and 2 cats. It’s kind of heavy & bulky, but no different than the other Hoover’s & Eureka’s I had owned in the past. The hose is much longer than my previous vacuum’s as well; it stretches out further and I don’t have to worry about lugging it up a few stairs just to reach the first landing. I’m still impressed with how much this vacuum picks up when I use it. The canister is always filled with dust. Luckily I have a compressor outside of my shed, so I regularly remove the canister & bring it outside for a cleaning. It took me a while to figure out how to take the canister apart; at first I thought it wasn’t fully able to come apart, but with a little playing, I found everything twisted off relatively easily. I absolutely LOVE the retractable cord. I’m happy with it overall.

Hoover’s are made of plastic, but they are excellent vacuums IF you get the right one. It crazy how all of them are not created even remotely equal.

My wife and I own two dogs. Both shed a decent amount. She bought a Dyson DC14 Animal about 4 years ago and I just wasn’t impressed with it’s performance. Then we got this cheap $100 hoover from Amazon:


…and it was night and day difference. We have a flat blanket we keep in the dogs cage that gets a ton of hair on it. It’s out test on how well a vacuum works. The dyson left quite a bit as did the model in this woot deal. However, the one I have listed didn’t leave a single hair.

Another one that we have tested was the pet rewind 2. Again it didn’t leave any hair.