Hoover Vacuum- Your Choice!

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Hoover Vacuum- Your Choice!
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jul 27 to Tuesday, Jul 28) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out the product page for the Windtunnel 3 and TONS of solid reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com

I have bought 4 of these for my furnished rentals for $69.00 they are excellent for the price and durable.

Just in time. MY old vaccuum seems to overheat and is 7 years old. Time to upgrayedd!

I bought this from woot at $69.99 a few months ago. It does the job, but feels very clunky. I have to constantly clean the roller… If I had bought it at $39.99 Instead of $69, I’d feel better about my purchase… Sigh… :cry:

One of these clearly is not a “Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright”, as described in the write-up. Whazzupwitdat?

ALREADY sold out?

Got my vacuum the other day and it was a Hoover WindTunnel T not the 3 Pro! Woot no longer has the 3 so now I can’t exchange it. I am not very happy, to say the least!

I received my Hoover vacuum yesterday and wouldn’t you know, one of the accessory attachments pictured isn’t actually included in the packaging. The manufacturer confirmed that the attachment isn’t part of refurbs, but woot’s product description simply listed the two items included. That description didn’t say: NOT INCLUDED IS X. You had to figure that out for yourself when you unboxed the sweeper, and saw the big, empty accessory holder.

I sent woot a support request and they essentially told me, “Tough cookies.”

I joined woot 9 years ago, tomorrow, July 31. I replied to the support team member that I had ordered my last woot product ever. I’ve probably personally sent 2 to 3 dozen friends and family to woot.com over the years who’ve become regular shoppers. I won’t be sending any more folks to your site, either. Bye Amazon. Errrr. I mean woot.

I received this 2 days back and I’m disappointed to see that its none of the models described on woot. I received WindTunnel 1 PAWS instead I was expecting WindTunnel3 or Elite as described. However machine itself seems to be working fine.

That’s unacceptable and fraudulent in my opinion. Without a doubt Woot would have to understand if you wanted to return it…up to you. If Woot doesn’t cooperate, have your bank issue a chargeback.

As I said to a fellow wooter, that is unacceptable and fradulent! The description clearly says that they would be inlcuded. To have Woot say “tough cookies” is bullshit. I’m not trying to stir up the pot here, but Woot if you are selling a product to someone it better damn well be what you are advertising. Have your bank issue a chargeback if Woot is not cooperating.

Now I also purchased a vacuum, the Elite XL. I did receive two attachments and the correct vacuum…I think. I still need to fire it up to see if it works.

I got another support reply graciously offering me an RMA with only a credit for the product and not the shipping, and oh, also there would be a charge for restocking.

What an embarrassment.

I sent a reply email to woot stating, 'thanks for the RMA. I just might send you your own box of crap in the Hoover box I have here."

It’s laughable in the pathetic sense.

I don’t think Woot accidentally sent many of us inferior vacuum cleaners. They thought we would not notice, or we would just accept it and not react. WRONG!

I just emailed customer service the following:

I bought a Hoover refurbished Wind Tunnel 3 Pro Bagless vacuum (Model number UH 70901 or similar), but you sent me a Hoover refurbished T Series Rewind (Model number UH 70110). I would like to believe this was an honest mistake, but that would probably be naive on my part. I say this because I see several other buyers stating that they received the T Series model in lieu of the Pro model.

I could have overlooked this “error”, were the T Series superior to the Pro. But it is not. Allow me to point out that on Walmart.com, the T Series sells for $99 (and can be found on sale for $79) and the Pro sells for $133. So, a price difference of $34+, and of course, you sent me the cheaper, inferior model.

I am willing to accept your “mistake”, and keep the inferior model you sent me, if you refund me the $34 stated price difference. I am not willing to spend any time taking the item to UPS, which is an hour and half round trip from my house – unless you agree to pre-pay me $25 an hour to do so, which would be a $38 refund. It will be cheaper for you to refund the $34 price difference.

Be warned. If you do not satisfy me, I will:

  1. Delete my Woot account and make no future purchases.
  2. Dispute the charge on my credit card
  3. File a complaint with the state attorney general regarding what I truly believe to be fraudulent activity.

Thank you for your considered response.

I too bought the Elite XL-I needed a new vacuum and I couldn’t pass up the price. The vacuum came well packed but missing the turbo tool.
I called the manufacturer and they are sending the missing piece out.
The vacuum works great otherwise.