Hoover WindTunnel® 2 High Capacity Pet Bagless

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I grew up in a family that like good sweepers - rainbows, kirby, etc. When I needed to buy some for my workplace on a budget, I did research and found hoover to be a strong brand (seemingly) from the reviews. I bought 2 of the T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagless Upright sweepers. I was won over. They were so easy to maintain. They picked up everything with ease. The suction was greeeat. They were getting daily usage sweeping a restaurant. I ended but purchasing one for myself which I still love. I can’t speak to this exact model, only similar; but Hoover has impressed me. The canister is super easy to clean out and empty too. This looks like a great price too but I didn’t research it at all.

I have two of these, one for each floor of my two story house. Excellent for removing and maintaining pet hair, as my English Bulldog sheds. Powerful suction, and picks up very well, and it couldnt be more easy to empty. The hose detaches easily, and maintenance of the machine consists of simply hand washing the dust bin every once in awhile. Highly recommend, even over the more expensive machines that I have had.

I have this vacuum. My wife wanted to get a Dyson or an Electrolux, but after some research, we found that this vacuum performed better than a lot of those expensive brands. Build wise, ya its definitely not premium. But even if the vacuum dies after a year or two, its still cheaper to buy several of these vacuums than to buy one brand new Dyson or Electrolux. Heck, we just bought a second one of these vacuums so that we wouldn’t have to drag a vacuum upstairs.

Moral of the story: Buy 3 of these vacuums! :slight_smile:

Anyone know if this Hoover Pet Vacuuum has their edge to edge cleaning feature. Next one I buy must have edge cleaning.