Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum



Froogle Link $160 lowest price

Yahoo! Shopping Link $160 lowest price

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hoovers are usually good


30 cheaper than froogle’s cheapest, and froogle’s is a refurb also.


edit: 20 cheaper, math owns me


Now there’s a gift for mom…


These are fun for vacuuming up spiders! They get trapped inside and are fun to watch!


The HEPA filter is really effective… until you go to empty the canister.



The day Microsoft makes a vacuum cleaner will be the day they make a product that doesn’t suck.


is this a dyson clone?




No thanks, I have a Dyson.



Refirbished vaccum? Does that mean it only picks up half of the crap on the floor?


Refurb vacuum? Yeah, that’s the ticket…


last time i checked , i still didnt know what a vacuum did


My thoughts exactly. I want to get it for her, but I can’t remember if she has a good vaccuum or not. Who knows what she’s bought since I lived with her last!



Froogle Link!
doesn’t look like a great deal


I always thought it was “hep-ah” not “heep-ah”


Not a good deal.

Not that much cheaper than anybody else. What happened to the great WOOT deals of the past. This is a crappy product to begin with.


NOOOOOOOOO!!!..Stay away from this bag-less unit. Life expectency of 6 months to a year. Lif expectency of an Aerus Electrolux unti - 25 - 30 years. DO NOT BUY!!! Save your money and get an Aerus Electrolux quality vacuum.

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refurbished vacuum with refurbished dirt! yuck == i don’t care how much they cleaned it, i’m not buying refurbed vacuums, coffeemakers, underwear, toilet paper…

refurbed is OK for electronics, but not food or cleaning products. Who knows what is growing in that vacuum?