Horisun Polarized Safety Eyewear - Your Choice

**Item: **Horisun Polarized Safety Eyewear - Your Choice
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New

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… because you can use the lenses to scoop out dirt for your annuals? Come on now…

If these are being claimed as safety glasses, are they Z87 stamped? If no stamp OSHA won’t allow them in the workplace.

Are these big enough for people with enormous heads like me?

According to their facebook page, only the 662s are: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Horisun-Eyewear/151203788392469?ref=stream

Their actual website doesn’t mention it though. It’d be nice if they had pictures of people wearing these. Also it’d be nice to know how much tint there is.

I emailed the buyer, I’ll post back with more details when I have them.

There is a distinction it seems between the polarized (no z87 mention) and the non-polarized (gets z87 mention for High Impact).

I’ve purchased way too many pairs of eye-wear in which the lenses popped out, way too easily. I’m really skeptical about buying these, even though I like the looks.

I have a big head like Kebsis, hard to buy a hat or a pair of sunglasses that fit right. On top of that, the bridge of my nose is shallow, so glasses have a tendency to slide down unless there’s a good nose piece. Tough decision as to whether or not I should buy something like this without trying them on. Hard to beat the price, though, for polarized lenses, so I’ll take a chance on two pairs of the half-frames, which should fit better than the full.

Could you wear this over regular glasses?

<—another fat head here

This is probably a really stupid question, being that the lens is called a mirror lens - but does that mean these lenses are the type where people can see their refection when they are looking at you?

Glasses REALLY vary in SIZE. Can you please give more info about size?

I also would like to know about the safety qualification. Do these meet the ANSI Z87+ Standard?

According to their facebook page, only the 662s are: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Horisun-Eyewear/151203788392469?ref=stream

And on their facebook page you can clearly see the required ANSI Z87 stamp on the frames. None of the models in this offering have that.

According to their website, the 662 model has the ANSI Z87 rating.


As does the 314 model.


any distortion from the lenses or are they pretty true? i’m looking for a pair of safety glasses to use for golf, but i hate how many sunglasses change your perception a bit.

I don’t think you are looking at the right model. If you are looking closely at the zoomed pic you will see that the 662 models that are being sold here have a model number printed on them. Look at the next to last one - HP662 Black Frame Green Mirror. The model number is 745113. On the manufacturer’s web site that is

Those glasses do NOT have the safety rating.

The ones you are referring to at the manufacturers web site are a different model (7483) than what is being offered here.

Judging by their website, this company won’t be around much longer.

May of what year?