Hornet 5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular

serious question, why would I need TWO tripod mounts on this?

Check out review on Amazon


But seriously, it would be really weird to look through too of these unless you were pointing them exactly perfectly. I think I’d get a headache when brain tries to merge the two images.

What gen are these, anyone know? Other sales sites online say nigh time visible distance is ~150ft.

Its hovering around $200 elsewhere so it is about 50 bucks off if anyone is interested.

Well worth the money for seeing what is making the bump noise in the night. I have one from NV and everyone loves to use it.

Great in case you find yourself in the next zombie epidemic.

edit: tewkewl beat me to the zombie reference. Blast.

If it was a nigh vision monocle, I’d be in for 3!

To us monocular enthusiasts, we call this a ‘cyclops toy’.

Better than the $180 they were last time on Woot.

Theres a dirty stalker joke here somewhere. I know it.

Three… one for each eye .:slight_smile:

My dad bought one for hunting to make sure he doesn’t scare off deer when walking to his stand and said it works great.

ahhhhhh i remember when home video camera night vision used to see through clothes during the day if you had it on…GIGGITY!!

C’mon woot you must have a thousand blue-tooths you need to get rid of!!!

You have been here since 2008 and bought nothing? Shame on you.

Is there a link for the monocular headstrap?

Woot is also offering a free get out of jail card on prison.woot.com for anyone who’s interested…

I bought one the last time and I am happy with it. I live in a neighborhood that is right on the Gulf Of Mexico and it is very dark. It lights up the view at night so bright that at first I thought someone had turned a spotlight on. A little hard to focus sometimes, but I’m not sorry I bought it.

any idea what generation this is??