Horrible Customer Service

I needed to cancel an order within a few minutes of placing the order. Impossible. Their customer service sucks. Do not order as if you return they charge a 15% restocking fee.

I’m not a Woot! staffer and I don’t play one on TV, but it seems you had the option to cancel if it truly was minutes after placing the order.

From the FAQ page:

I didn’t mean to order that thing I just ordered. How do I cancel my order?

Well, first off, let’s be clear: you can’t cancel your order if it has an item from a Woot-Off or if there’s an item with expedited shipping.

But if you wanna stop a plain Jane regular-style order…well, you’d better hurry, because our robot minions kick into action as soon as you hit the order button.

So you only get 15 minutes to tell us to stop. Go to STUFF YOU BOUGHT and look for the CANCEL button..

As for the restocking fee, they disclose that here in the return policy.

20,000 minutes after is still minutes after.

just sayin’.

You sir, are absolutely correct.

Much like:
Everything is within walking distance…if you have the time

I accidentally ordered something that was in my cart for some reason when I was trying to get a bag of crap, I immediately tried to cancel, days later, it showed up, anyway, luckily, it wasn’t very expensive, and, ended up being something I could actually use, so, i didn’t bother to pursue it. I hope this never happens with something really expensive, and useless to me.

I put some things in my cart. I hit checkout, and was told that the woot monkeys had grabbed all the stuff, I should checkout sooner. Miffed, as I had only been about a half hour on the site, I reconstructed the order and checked it again. Within minutes of that, I got both emails, that they had both placed. It took me a few minutes to find the cancel my order button on the page (I had navigated off the page and not realized I still had a tab with it). I clicked cancel, and it told me more than 15 minutes had gone by. I immediately sent email saying ‘Oh hey, dupe order, please cancel’. Looking at the timestamps, that email went out 17 minutes after I got the email revealing the duplicate order.

I got an email back next day saying, Oh hey, sorry, someone will get back to you on that. Well, no one ever did; the next email I got was that something had shipped (the same item, from both orders). I emailed again, and now I’m being told I can refuse delivery and eventually get my money back, but they can’t cancel it.

That’s great, except that shippers are leaving boxes on my front porch without ringing the bell for me to take them, so I can’t refuse them that way. There’s no info I can find on the external packages I’ve received that reveals what order it’s from, so I can’t tell what to refuse. And, clicking the ‘track my package’ button in email brings me to, in this case, FedEx, and there’s no info on there about how to refuse a delivery.

On top of it all, one of the duplicated things is Shirt of the Month Club. I do not need two subscriptions there!

This is not ‘buyer remorse’, this is ‘your system screwed up’.

So yeah. Oh, and the email saying I can refuse the delivery also claims I have 30 minutes to cancel something. Great thing, to have customer service email people ignorant about your own policies, folks.

I agree, Horrible service. Considering its an amazon company I’m shocked at the lack of the AMAZON way. Great service, NOT WOOT