Horribly tannic wine


A year or so ago, someone was toting the sale that Seth Ryan Vinyards was having on their wines. It was a clearance sale to get out the old vintages for the new ones. I fell for it and ordered a mixed 12 pack. It was $140 shipped. Anyways, it must be a budget winery or something as the sale is going on 1 year later (do NOT be tempted to try this even at the $100 a case + shipping).
So my point. The Cab Franc was drinkable and not bad for $14 (after shippping) but the Meritage and the Cabernet are so horribly tannic they are undrinkable. It is like someone blended up the grape skins and bottled them. Or think of it is taking a bottle of wine, and adding a cup of chalk dust to it. Is this somethig that will be better later down the road, or should I just write it up to a lesson learned? Not sure how something this tannic will age. This is after trying them on a day to day basis for 3 or 4 days. They did NOT get any better. I even did the straw and bubbles trick to see if it would help aerate the wine. Any suggestions?


Almost sad that I didn’t get a response, then I cracked open a bottle of Noceto. Seriously, nobody has a suggestion?


I think you’ll get more response if you copy this post over to the “World of Woot Wine” on wine.woot.com. I don’t know anything about wine so I can’t help you. Good luck!