Horse & Plow Whites (6)

Horse & Plow Whites 6-Pack
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2 2014 Horse & Plow Pinot Gris, Napa Valley
2 2014 Horse & Plow Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Creek Valley
2 2013 Horse & Plow Chardonnay, Mendocino


My notes on the Pinot Gris from tonight.

Tasted this over a couple hours with and without some spicy jambalaya.

Color is a medium depth and a light straw color. There was no sediment and the wine was clear.

The nose is a bit subdued with the primary notes being lemon and a general citrus. There was also minor note of wet stone as well. I noticed it early on when the wine was right of the fridge and then maybe an hour later as the wine had warmed significantly. As the wine warmed there was also a bit of lime Overall an appealing but mellow nose.

On the tongue the wine is mostly dry, with only the slightest perception of any RS. It does not come across as sweet but I did get a minor bit in the mouth feel of the wine. Most PG’s I have had are purely stainless, this is a mixed SS and neutral oak and it comes across in the slight but noticeable rounded mouth feel and especially in the finish. The wine is light bodied, maybe edging towards medium bodied and has really nice acidity. It maintains that juiciness but does not coma across as tart or overbearing. As the wine warmed I did note some mild drying tannin’s. Its a nice medium finish and I felt it got better the warmer the wine got. I would be curious how this tastes at room temp.

My overall impression is this is a nice food wine. It will blend in with a variety of food, it won’t outshine the fare you put on your table but will also be very tasty. My wife and I both liked it, I think she more than me. I’m not much of a white wine drinker and when I do drink it I would prefer a bit more fruit and a wine that stands out a bit more but my bride is the opposite. She prefers a white wine that does not overwhelm and is very approachable and might I even say mild. This was very much in tune with what she prefers.
edit: note that the back of the bottle specs do not match what was provided on the specs tab.

I’m guessing no notes on the other bottles out there?