Hosta Perennial Mixed Bare Root Plants

Hosta Perennial Mixed Bare Root Plants

What varieties are included? At least, are they large, small, what? Thanks.

Hello. Size is listed in the features - growing 20-36" wide.

Varieties are:
Aureo Maginata

These are my plants I got in a similar mixture about this time last year. This is them coming back this spring.

I’ve been stalking woot! for the last few weeks, hoping to see them here again.


Do they stay the size during winter months do the deteriorate into almost nothing?

From my experience…I am in Virginia and mine died back to nothing. I was worried that because I had them in pots, that they would have frozen to the point of no return. When they die back in the winter the plant can put more energy into growing more roots, so it’ll have a larger plant that next spring.

We had a mild winter last year, so that may still be the case if there is more snow and colder weather.

From other experience in North Dakota…hostas planted in ground (no experience in pots there) they also all die back, but come back fuller in the spring/summer.

Hostas generally do better in regions with a cold winter. The foliage will die at frost and can be cut back, and they reappear in spring.

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They’re kind of like bubble wrap, the purple flowers form a ball before they spread and you can pop them between your fingers

Up north they’re very common and easy to grow in direct sunlight or even shade. They grow larger with every year of sprouting out of the ground. I have a tropical jungle looking hosta that’s just starting to emit shoots with blooming flowers.

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Description says 9 pieces, does this mean that quantity 1 gets me 9 plants?

Yes. 9 bare root plants.

One order will get you one bag with 9 roots, like in the fourth picture.

Correction 3 bags each with 3 roots in one order. I did get a bonus root in bag, YEAH!

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Bought these last year and they’ve come back well after the winter. However there was no variety in my 9 pack. They were all the basic green and white.

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I don’t think the variety is in the individual packs. I think I only got a variety because I bought several packs. I did have a lot more of the basic green and white. I was hoping to get some of the dark green/light green variety (Aureo Maginata hosta). Maybe this time I will :slight_smile:

Can I smoke it?

Like a salmon


These are not from Woot but wanted to give you an idea how these grow. I literally cut these down to the ground each fall with my trimmer. They grow like wildfire. Fantastic groundcover


Got mine and they look very healthy. I put them in a pitcher of water over night and planted them the next day,they have started to sprout already. I assume all of mine are the same type

How long do these roots take to grow if planted in the summer?

Planted mine last weekend. The tiny white shoots are turning green already. None of them died. Location: PNW

Mine have been in the ground for a little over a week and are looking great. My only quibble is that all 18 are the plain green. No variety in this variety pack.