Hosta Perennial Mixed Plants

Hosta Perennial Mixed Plants

I bought the six-pack version just a few weeks ago, and they sprouted up in no time, maybe a week and a half tops! Of course, I’m in a coastal Zone 8, so it’s dern near perfect conditions as long as I keep them watered. Rain has been a little scarce lately.

Deceptive photos. Box is 8"x8"x10". Three small bags each containing 3 plants. Each plant is one stalk. No list of the varieties in bag.

I love them too! I’m in Tennessee, and they are thriving! I did get a variety of different types of Hosta plants as described.

To determine age / size of plant you will receive their should be photo of bare roots. Bare root is cost effective for shipping and plant health ,but root could be any size with this . A small piece of root might only produce one leaf in the best conditions and take many many years before it reaches description of size(s) The healthy plants pictured would come from large root masses.

They are bare root plants. It will look like a twig. You plant it, it revives, it grows.

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I bought these a month ago and they all have sprouted. However, there is no variety in the pack. All 18 plants are the same variegated green/white hosta. I was very disappointed because I bought them to make a mixed hosta bed.

I’m very sorry. Make sure you contact Woot support.

Got 6 of the green and white hostas and three of what look to be the more purple-y ones… but only one of those three has sprouted so far. :expressionless:

I bought these last Sept. and they did great, then went dormant for winter. They have not restarted and should have, given where I live. I’m very disappointed.

I bought 2 batches of these only to get 18 of the same plant. Woot was kind enough to refund my purchase. So thinking it was just a simple screw-up, I tried again. Same problem. I would have thought they would have changed the way it is advertised given so many had the same issue. AT least they gave me a refund again, but now I have 36 of the same plant instead of the variety that was advertised.

I got an “assortment” of nine a month ago or so. While eight of the nine are growing just fine, there is NO assortment. They are all exactly the same green and white variety.

Like others, I ordered the hostas last year and received a package all of the the same variety. I contacted gardening4less and they replaced them at no charge, but I once again received all the same varieties. Perhaps it’s time for the WOOT peeps to look into this or to stop working with this company.

Hi there. Sorry for the problem with the variety. These are prepackaged in Holland before being sent to the vendor.

Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

ahh! stop buying these terrible plants! you will never get rid of them… (perfectly fine product im sure)

They arrived in a timely manner. Only two varieties (two bags of one kind, one of another). Seven of the nine have come up, which isn’t all that bad. They took off immediately–within two days they had leaves and they are growing quickly.

Very easy to plant and to care for. Our 3 are doing very well!

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