Hosta Perennial Mixed Plants

Hosta Perennial Mixed Plants

Bought two of these deals and they are all coming up… I plan on buying more before the end of the summer to plant!!!

Mine are already coming up but they are just the standard green hostas…you do realize there’s tons of other color varieties right Woot?

All of mine were the green and white variety. No assortment. Woot refunded my money.

My first batch included two varieties and they grew beautifully so I bought another the next time they were offered. These didn’t do well enough to even tell what colors they were. Probably my fault for not planting them quickly enough, but perhaps I should have reported it. Ah, well.

Word to the wise: Invest in a good slug bait.

No variety in the package I received. Of course, I am lucky that any of them survived…received in a crushed box with the bare root plants loose in the box. I know what bare root plants are, but I expected them to have at least some type of packing material around them.