Hot, Cold Or Indifferent

What’s the blade diameter for the Vornado?

I’ve got seven of them now, but always looking.
These things really blow, but in a very good way.

Great fan bought one a couple of months ago…just bought another one…super deal also…Front grill is 10" diameter.

Front grill is 10" diameter…I have one of these…nice fan…great deal. Just bought another one…these always sell out.

Why does the new iheater and the refurb have the same warranty term?

is shipping really $20 or am is my system messed up?

Which item? We probably have the shipping out of order in the backend. It’s choosing expedited.

UPDATE: Found it on the iHeater Mini (New). It’s fixed. Let me know if it was another item.

Whoops? The new one has been udpated to 3 Year iHeater Warranty

Just looked up the reviews at amazon regarding the Mini Heater. 2.2 out of 5 stars with only 5 reviewers. Almost all the reviewers stated these were not infrared.

I also read an article the company was investigated by the Better Business Bureau regarding claims they would reduce money on energy bills with the use of their iheater mini.

I posted a link to both amazon and the BBB article below.

too bad, I needed a mini heater for the office.

So, was the iHeater cord Photoshopped out of the picture?

Actually, it looks like the whole thing was Photoshopped IN!

Does anyone know anything about the Life Pro LS-8WQH 8 Element Deluxe Infrared Heater Wood? We have a huge house and I really hate heating the entire thing if just a room or two is in use. I really want to know if it will help save on electricity.

According to other posts ALL heaters are the same power (limited by law) and are ALL technically 100% efficient, as in they use all the power supplied to them.

The question is more how well they get the heat out and into the room.

I prefer the oil-filled ones that look like old radiators, as they stay warm between on/off cycles.

Fan driven ones vary, depending on how well designed the airflow is.

So, there is no magic heater that uses new technology to create more heat by using secret fairy dust.

I’m sure there will other suggestions from owners of heaters that work for them.

It states in the product description that the heater can be mounted to the wall by plugging it in to a dual outlet. There is a cord option available as well but the photo is accurate (assuming there’s a fake plug on that fake wall).

Does anyone know how loud the fan is? Was hoping this is on the quieter end of these types of things – soem are so loud they drown out the conversation.

Looks like her hair might catch fire if dangled over by the heater

Fast shipping 3 days I got my fan…thanks WOOT!!

the Life Pro Heater/Fan Combo is actually cheaper at Staples right now, by $5

This is the time of year when the overpriced heaters that tout being magically better than a $20 heater come out. We just got a flyer pushing an “Edenpure” IR heater that was “refurbished” and therefore “only” $250 versus the normal $500.


I do like heaters with a digital readout so you can see the temp the unit thinks the room is and then you can set it a few degrees lower (assuming you are happy with the temp of the room at that time).

That whole idea scares me.