Hot Deals to Cool You Down

It’s a Quidditch hoop - no wait, that’s a Dyson fan. Looks like a pack of solid brands - but who’s familiar with Geigerrig?

I actually got that exact Geigerrig in black from my Dealgebra B.O.C. from Monday. It is great. Well made, and easy to use. I had never used a hydration pack before getting this one, and I learned its various features in about 5 minutes. The feature that sets it apart is the pressurization “bulb” (think blood pressure cuff) that pressurizes the water so you don’t have to suck it our of the pack, it sprays into your mouth. Definitely a great hydration pack for someone looking for one.

I bought the 2-pack Lasko tower fans when they were last offered on Woot - anyone know if the 20" floor fan is as good?

I do not, but based on how lovely the tower fans are, I have good faith in the brand now… my big question would be how quiet is it compared to other similar fans?

Good point - hadn’t thought about that, but I admit I’m so desperate for more air circulation in my stuffy boxed-in apartment that I almost don’t care!

As a box apartment dweller myself, I completely understand.

You know how good it feels to spray yourself in the face with water during working out, or shortly after? Now make that portable. That’s Geigerrig for you. The only bad thing I can think about them is that since you’re using it for other things than just drinking, you’re going to run out of water a bit faster.

Yes, quiet. Bring on some Vornado fans.

How does the Lasko ship. Before * The Troubles* we used to know. What happened?

I am incredibly sad I missed these deals, I was away from the computer today!!!