Hot Dog Summer

Um, is that dog wearing a swimsuit—or is he skinnydipping?

One look at Mr. Frank Furter Floating and Beach Boys music started going through my head…

Cute print, Vo Maria! :slight_smile:

Well, obviously, he’s floating in a pool of hot dog water! DUH!

First off, I love the design. However…

Hmm, how do I put this delicately?

I would have suggested trunks, or some other way to obscure, um…let’s just refer to it as the balloon knot, shall we?

Now, I get it - this is standard issue on a tube-steak, but it really kinda shouts, “Hey! Look RIGHT HERE!!”

Just sayin’… :smiley:

It’s his natural casing swimsuit.

With that much attitude, he’s clearly a brat.

My first thought when seeing this design was, “wow, look at his _______.”

The natural shape and angle make it look like its a focal point in the design. However, I understand how challenging it would have been to put shorts on it. This is one of the challenges to anthropomorphism.


I cant not look at it…

Brrr, must be “chili,” dog.

(You guys started it!)

Buy a size larger. I got a medium and after one wash I have a size small.