Hot Dogs!

This is incorrect. Michigan should have onions on their hotdogs!

did someone throw up on Jersey’s…? that can’t be palatable!

No Toledo? The only cultural touchstone of that poor benighted city is Tony Packo’s hungarian chili dogs.

No doggie to represent PA? That killed it for me.

Go Chicago dogs!

By the way, you shouldn’t call them hot dogs, they should be called durgers.

Durgers and Burgers.

No Buffalo dogs? Seriously?

Hot Diggity Dog! How appropriate is it that a Chicagoan made a hot dog shirt?

Nope. Wrong. No sale. D.C.'s dog should be covered in chili on account of Ben’s Chili Bowl being the only proper place in the city to get a sausage on a bun.

at last, the perfect shirt to use in combination with the question, “are you staring at my wiener?”

I’ve lived in Georgia all my life and have never seen a hot dog with onions and beans advertised anywhere, nor have I eaten one. Strange. Had it not been for Woot’s write up, I almost thought that was cotton on the GA dog. :slight_smile:

If I ever get this in randoms, I might go on a murderous rampage. This is almost as disgusting as Tickle Pickle.

It’s weird that it’s not consistant using either city names or state names, not both.

Wow. Let the arguing begin.

What the heck, I can’t even determine most of those condiments, plus where I’m from(Michigan) I was completely unaware we had certain toppings. Only certain hot dogs brands like Koegel or Dearborn.

It looks like Einstein shaved his head into some of these.

You only printed this to tease me didn’t you? Because it’s on red. Blast you, woot. :frowning:

If you spill condiments on this shirt, no one will notice.

The write up made me think of the Simpsons where Lisa becomes a Vegetarian and imagines hot dogs as being made from a pigeon, a boot, a rat and a raccoon.

hmmm, didn’t know that around the US people had such distinct variations of hotdogs besides picking one or more of ketchup/mustard/onions/relish/sauerkraut. Interesting! Unfortunately, I can’t really tell what all the different toppings are on many of them.