Hot Flash Relief

The VH2 looks cool - er, warm. I think what I want to know is, would it do the job for a small apartment?

Bought the Vornado Whole Room Heater a couple months ago when it was on Woot (not the VH2) for use in my office. It works well in my office and definitely helps it heat up quite a bit, but my office is only (approx) 10x10 so I do no know how well it will function in a larger room.

I do use the fan on the Auto setting, with the heat on High and the thermostat maxed out, and I have never had the fan switch into its “off” mode, it does run the entire time. I am pretty much telling it to go as high as it possibly can, but I assumed in such a small space with the “auto” setting it would cycle on and off sometimes. It does not bother me that it doesn’t, just pointing out that fact. If I had it at a lower setting it certainly may but I like it to get HOT quickly so I leave it up high.

The heater does well heating my office, I cannot leave it on all day as it would get too hot, but just a couple hours has it verrrry toasty which is great. The heating element does not get too hot, I can have the heater right next to my legs if I want and even on high it is not too hot, so that is very nice.

The machine certainly makes some noise but I barely notice it, however I used to always sleep with a fan on so I am not very sensitive to that sort of thing.

Wondering about what parts need replacing in both the Living Pure 9000 and the Germ Guardian. Would also like to know how often these parts need replacing and typically how expensive they are. Thanks.

EDIT: Ooh, also need to know if the humidifying and cleaning capability of the 9000 are able to be run independent of the heating.

Walmart has the lifesmart heaters for $78.


Woot! I love you! Oh no…is it getting hot in here or is it me? ((stripping down)) Seriously, you don’t feel too warm in here ((cracking the window open to let in some 15 degree air in)).

Son: Mom, why you getting all red?

Me: Shut up and turn the fan on!

5 minutes later
Me: Dang it! It’s freezing in here! Would you please close the window and shut the fan off! Aren’t you cold? Jeez! Dang kids! Now go put the heater on.

Unfortunately…I’m alllll too familiar with this routine…and so is he sigh

We have the ceramic wall heaters and they are wonderful! I have the one near me on now. They are on the wall and is so completely out of the way all year round, you don’t even notice it. But when it is chilly, you can warm that one area, without trying to heat the whole house. They give a soft, warm heat and really take the humidity out of the air. A great product.

The only thing close to what you mention is one that looks the same and is $79, but if you look at the dimensions and specs it’s different. Says it only heats 100 sq ft, although the wattage is the same. Not that any of it matters since it’s out of stock.

Nice research! Thanks!