Hot Topic is not punk rock.


well they really are all about what sells. some stores lean more towards punk gear but then some in college towns are a bit more cutsey. it all depends but bottom line is $$$$.

Ours tends to cater to the goth loner rock wannabes. Of course, it is my sole source for Invader Zim swag too…

The sky is blue!

Hot Topic seems mostly gothic, with a little bit of punk mixed in…at least, that’s how it seems to me. And basically for any group of people that wear mostly black.

It’s also a good source for Nightmare Before Christmas, Invader Zim and Happy Bunny stuff.

It’s a bunch of diconnected EMO teens selling low quality, over-priced pop culture schwag to other disconnected EMO teens.

Although, I did pick up this kick-ass Ol’ Dirty Bastard tee when I was there last weekend!

I only wear woot clothes, still waiting for short.woot and under.woot because the police don’'t seem to understand my commitment.

They’ll issue you clothing sooner or later. Do you like stripes?

Could go with the orange jumpsuit look.

I’m so out of touch with the latest fashions. Definitely the orange.

Solids ARE more flattering than stripes.

i hear tell black is the new black

goth humor…

strange, this topic reminds me alot of this song…you haven’t heard of M.C. Lars have you?

As far as Hot Topic goes in general I remember going into the store a few years ago, and I remember everything being fairly Goth. I went in the store again a year or so after that, and everything was emo, you actually had to go looking for goth apparel.

I go to Hot Topic for anime merchandise…