Hot Wings




matching Woot and Shirt.woot…


Tie-in with the original Woot(!)?


friggin’ hilarious. especially as it ties in with regular woot. maybe if sellout.woot would load instead of keep giving me errors i could see if it is a3-way tie in…


Weird. Odd. Not for me, but I like how it fits in with the regular woot.


lol a bit too weird for me


What is it, hot wing day on woot? What’s next, hot wing flavored wine??


it’s wings day at woot


LOL, very fitting with the product on


I see a theme tonight.

I may just have to break down and get one (or 2)


Awesome typography. The bird is very expressive as well. I like this one.


Strange way to tie it in with the regular Woot. Definite pass on both.


what, now we are suggesting cruelty to animals? that is sick, even for us on this site…


I love how it compliments woots normal woot! yay!


That’s hot.



I giggled but I did not buy.


Love the tie-in with’s product. But the burning wings and the use of God’s name keep me from buying. Clever shirt though. Night all.


If they’re really going to tie this together with the product woot, why don’t they give out two shirts to go with it? I’d be powerless to resist it, plus me and a friend would know exactly what to wear on our wings nights…


hilarious! in for one.


Finally a black shirt, too bad I don’t like the design.