Hot Wings

friggin hilarious. in for 2. i don’t know what happened to everyone’s sense of humor.

Not bad. However the comment bubble lost me.

woot! one for me, please!

PETA will not like this!

haha i just had to get one for goin to buffalo wild wings hahah!!!

I agree with you on that.

I would feel like a lightning bolt is coming for me.

Holy crap that’s so awesomely bad and wrong … it’s bad wrong, or bdong!

I sent it to my friend who would wear crazy stuff like this.


How about we don’t go ‘there’.

What the heck, I’m in it for one…


okay so is this silly humor Tuesday ? How did this make the cut anyway

Regardless of whether it compliments the regular woot, I think it’s still really funny.

Great shirt tonight… I bought two, because it says “oh, god” and it’s funny! WOOT!

i could do without the text…

if it’s not sold out in the morning i might reconsider, but for now i’m in for none.

Woo Hoo! First WOOT!

If you don’t believe the above statement, just ask the bird. I’m in for one!

That just makes it hotter…

Off the subject, but I hate PETA. The last straw came when immediately after his death, they said of Steve Irwin:

“He made a career out of antagonizing frightened wild animals…If you compare him with a responsible conservationist like Jacques Cousteau, he looks like a cheap reality TV star.”

These are the same people who think fishing is cruel and barbaric.

Does reading hurt too much?

I really like the design and think it’s “cute”