You say hotcakes I say pancakes.

Looks like Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone melded into a single 1950s diner waitress!

Now the question is, will these shirts sell like hotcakes, or just like shirts?

If this shirt sells out, is that considered ironic? I’m not sure. Someone contact Alanis Morisette.

Now let’s see if the shirt sells like itself.

YES!!! Now, we have a breakfast plan. Great style, great fun, great choice.

Hey Hotcakes… What you doin?

Sadly, there are only so many letters of the alphabet that steam can form into.

She said yes…

How about some love for crêpes?

I predict a sell out, too.

The logo shirts were all done very well.

And, well, Im doing my part with this design. In for 2!!!

So many fonts… can’t… keep track…

Makes me think of the George Carlin quote:

I like the art, but I’ve seen variations on the same slogan in quite a few places before. It’s just not as amusing after the first few times, I guess.

Yay, this is the one I was waiting for! =)

congrats Skirochester!

A fine companion to Sliced Bread :slight_smile:

wait a minute… these are more like WOOT CAKES!

I now know what I will have for breakfast tomorrow!