Hotel Collection Duvet Cover Set

I bought this thinking it was a comforter, my mistake but not really a mistake. I got the full/queen size for when I move, I’m in a twin but will have a full later. I love it, I folded it in half and it’s like having 4 sheets on me and it’s warm! I use a microfiber blanket but when my cat is on it, we get static sparks, I tell him it’s sparkles. lol This doesn’t have the static of the blanket and he loves it too. I’m thinking when I move maybe I can put the blanket inside, but not sure yet. I just wanted to say how I was pleasantly surprised at my mistake and it turned out better that I had imagined.

Duvet covers are sized so that you can put a comforter inside of it. They’re designed for holding down comforters (aka a duvet), but you can use regular poly-fill comforters, too.