Hotel Comfort Bamboo Fiber 4-Pc Sheet Set

Don’t buy these. Sorry woot, but these are terrible quality and WILL fall apart within the first year, if you’re even that lucky. I went through two sets before I finally gave up. The first last about 4 washings before starting to tear apart. They were soft enough and the price was good enough that I gave them another try, and both fell apart really fast.

I’ve since moved on to Thomas Lee and Cariloha sheets. Both make really great bamboo sheets that are as soft as these but will last ten-fold longer, bare minimum. Yes, the price is WAAYY more than these sheets (usually $250 for a king set), but worth it in the long-term. I’ve had my TL sheets for about 4 years, washed weekly, and still in perfect shape. My Cariloha sheets aren’t as old but seem to be holding up like TL sheets.

‘Natural’ is not really accurate for these: “Viscose. This synthetic fiber is produced by processing chemically cellulose and by allocating a silk, cotton, wool or linen look. Expensive and time-consuming manufacturing process. Often combined with cotton to improve its qualities. ”