Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow-Set of 2-2 Sizes

Are these real Hotel Comfort pillows?

The picture of the dust bag has a copyright symbol above the Hotel Comfort name while the dust bags on the official Hotel Comfort site have a trademark symbol

I would like to know if these are authentic as well. I have purchased some real ones and some knockoff ones and there is a significant difference in the quality.

+1 to wanting to know if these are legit. Eager to buy if they are, the reviews on Amazon of the knock-offs make me quite wary.

Actually the official site has both.

Although that doesn’t make me any less suspicious.

TT, please weigh in on this.

we’ve checked with the vendor.

These are AUTHENTIC!!

Buy all the pillows!

Just bought some thanks for the clarification!!!

Are these ever going to ship?

Yes, when are these going to ship?

I have contacted customer service 2 times and keep being told to be patient it’s been 10 days 8 business days first time I have ever had this problem with woot

I was wondering about shipping, too. Woot has been slipping a bit lately with customer service. It’s disappointing, as they used to be really on point.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one wondering why these haven’t arrived yet…

I contacted customer service and was told to wait 2-3 more business days before contacting them to “do the needful”. Not sure what that means, but I hope it means they would expedite shipping out some comfy pillows!

Is this where we come to confirm ours haven’t shipped yet?

I received pillows last night Just got the email that they have shipped today

They’re shipped. Looks like we’re a bit late in getting the tracking out. Sorry :frowning:

I got the shipped notification yesterday, and the pillows…

FedEx couldn’t find my house and sent them back to woot. I’m super sad… The whole thing is kind of ridiculous because I ordered (and received) something the week before. :T

Lazy driver. Have you called FedEx to see if they’ll reroute it to a store.

Just got mine. One has a white inside, the other blue. Not sure what the difference is. The smell is pretty bad but quickly disappearing. Going to let them decompress for a day or 2 before using them.