HotelSpa 42-Setting Chrome 3-Way Combo

Am I seeing this right? This is cheaper ($18.45) at

Afterthought Walmart Lists the above model number as 21465, whereas woot lists this model number simply as 1465. Not sure what difference the ‘2’ makes…

Description talks about chrome. Just wondering if this is all metal?

It does not state the material used any where other than the hose, but all metal is pretty rare in this category. They are usually plastic with a chrome coating. Seems to hold up well for a few years, though the chrome finish occasionally starts to crack and peel off.

It says the list price is $68.85 here on Woot, but on Amazon it states the list price is $54.99. I feel like I am being manipulated.

I’ve been using mine for about 5 years now. 2 or 3 years in, the rubber hose inside of the metal hose sprang a leak and started spraying through the joints in the metal hose. I sent customer service an e-mailed. They requested my woot invoice, model number, name and address. Then they shipped out new hose to me. Works great again, but it’s getting kinda dirty. I’m thinking about buying a new one just so I don’t have to clean the one I have.

Interesting. It’s showing as $20.69 for me. Maybe it’s has to do with my location being different than yours, or maybe it’s the extra traffic you generated by posting the link. Heh

I bought one of theses about a year ago at this same price. Constructed of mostly plastic, which is expected these days, but fairly sturdy. Easy to install and works great! Between the different settings and combinations using both shower heads it does make taking a shower more of a pleasureful experience.
At this price well worth it ,but at $68 I would say no way…LOL

Quite possibly the latter. It shows that price for me now too, with only 2 left presently.

$21.37 now and still 2 left, so it doesn’t have anything to do with purchases being made either.

22.27. Sold out

Mixed feelings… installed this and not necessarily impressed. For $20 it’s a good buy, but for its actual retail price I am confused why you would even want to pay $60+ for it.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative for having a detachable hose + shower, then this is a good purchase until you can afford a more expensive and reliable shower accessory.

I bought this after my last one had a kink in the hose. It works fine, it has a water saver built in thing that I really need to yank out when I replace this one. Makes the shower more like heavy rain so I can get in and out faster or just lounge, play some soothing wave noises and forget about the kids banging on the bathroom door… :innocent:

Disappointed in the water pressure. Used it once, and put the showerhead I had before back on.

21.55, appears to be available (again)

Did you try taking out the flow restrictor?

Agreed…I bought two of these and had to remove the flow restrictors. Works fine now.

Also, if yours arrives and the wand is a little too loose (rotates downward when you reinsert it), it can be easily tightened.

I love the IDEA of these combo heads…but they are often CRIPPLED by low-flow nonsense… Is this one also part of this silliness?

Can you turn the water flow completely off of both heads and turn water on and off with the switch on the hose head?

I’ve never had a problem with not enough water pressure before but I don’t have enough pressure use both shower heads at once with this unit.