HotelSpa 42-Setting Chrome 3-Way Combo

To answer the question about the differences in prices.You would be surprised to hear what I am going to tell you, and you may even get pissed.
I own a store and use Shopify as my platform. It has different apps that you can charge people higher or lower based on if they shopped with you in the past, how much you spent and even on what your estimated income is based on your location! I don’t use one but I was quite surprised the see they had them. I asked someone if that was legal and I was told you can charge what you want to whoever you want. :frowning: Very sad.

This is nothing new to Amazon. They charge more per item (most items) for Prime members. Then again, this is all part of a free economy. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess.

Is the handle detachable?
Never mind- it is :slight_smile:

Nice double shower conversion. Seems to work well and has enough gaskets/seals & plumber tape to make sure of no leaks or wall tile drips from the wall mounted pipe. I don’t know if there is any real conflict one way or the other regarding the pause switch that (IS NOT) on the hand held head as advertised. Other than that, it seems to be a good addition to my walk in shower and full baths. Time will tell.
I bought online, so a little unsure what to expect if I have any warranty issues as it arrived with only the assembly directions and no other purchase information in the event of a faulty part down the road. Overall, I would recommend this product over about any shower head set-up for the simple reason that the unit takes less than 5 minutes to connect and best of all, No Leaks right out the gate with little or no effort and it does look pretty “GOOD”!

Got this to replace my old one which clogged when my well went. Definitely not as good as my old one. Poor water flow even with the restrictions removed. Water throughh hose has almost no pressure. Will be replacing with the brand I had before.