HotelSpa Giant 10" Rainfall Showerhead

I purchased this when it was up last month. It was a refurbished product, though I was unaware I was buying one that was used. It had a very small chip in the corner and there was plumber’s tape around the threads. Not sure if my unit was a rarity, but I was a little upset about those little things. I hooked it up, and was very surprised at how well it worked. We had the old multi-spray hand shower assembly before, and this one is a great improvement. The pressure is perfect, every single spout (and there hundreds of them) shoot out water at an even and consistent level, the water goes straight down and doesn’t spray on the walls or curtains, and it was pretty easy to install.

Even if it was refurbished, I would buy it again. I got a great price and the unit looks elegant and works like you would expect an expensive shower-head to work.