HotelSpa Luxury 3-Way Shower Combo

HotelSpa Luxury 3-Way Shower Combo

I purchased this last go round. Installed and was so unhappy I took the old one and soaked it in white vinegar and put it back up. Taking this one to Goodwill as this one is cheap and flimsy. Save your money and look elsewhere.

I purchased this last go round. Expected to be thoroughly disappointed, but was actually blown away. My water pressure isn’t the greatest, and most shower heads yield disappointing output. This dual-head unit, though cheaply-constructed and flimsy, kicks out more water than any other (including fixed single-head units) I’ve ever used in this house – even when choosing the option to run both heads at once, and that’s without having to remove the flow restrictor. (To be clear, I haven’t removed it at all; there’s no need to.) Also, the spray selector dials has a fine mist setting that I haven’t seen on other shower heads, so that’s kinda nice. (Of course it has the usual spray/massage settings you’d expect, as well as an Off position to save water while lathering.)

All in all, I am more pleased with this cheap thing than I ever have been with any other shower head. Maybe I’ll buy it again today to have a backup for when the plastic on this one finally gives up the ghost.

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I LOVE THE MIST SETTING. My last shower head had that. You can almost take a steam shower with that setting if its a good one!

Mine doesn’t put out enough mist to be able to leave it up there and shower under it; it works best if you use it on the hand-held head and direct the mist where you want it. I mainly use it to make sure I get a good rinse of the soap out of my beard. Maybe it would do what you want if the flow restrictor were removed.