Hoth In Here

Hoth In Here

Ok, ok, w/o too much (hopefully not any) ridicule, what is the meaning behind this t-shirt?!? I’m assuming it’s not one I’ll have to google to get that “greater :astonished::joy::roll_eyes: understanding” of! lol…:thinking:

Never watched more than 4 minutes total of Star Wars, but I think it’s that the wampa has a crush on Luke.

The scene is on the ice planet Hoth, and the title is a play on the phrase “hot in here”.

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I believe you are correct in your summation and that bothers me.

Nawww, it was apart of my regular day.

Thank you for educating me on the tee

More than it should?

But what if we’re existing in a simulated world?

What if…

Somehow my answer end up above!


Seek the advice of your local purple troll.

I have an “I like Irk” shirt but a bunch of the design has worn off.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


I hope not.

Shame, because it’s a very funny thought.

Then please share.

Amended my sentence, though it’s best read like this:

It’s a very funny thought.
It’s a very funny thought.
It’s a very funny thought.

Are you going to share or not?