HotHands Insole Foot Warmer, 5-Pairs

HotHands Insole Foot Warmer, 5-Pairs

Sold out after less than 12 hours?? How many was in stock? 3?

Over 100. Winter. Cold. Popular.

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Hope it will return but with more than 100. 100 is not enough to sending out emails about. Compare with this one: max 10 per client and check the price. Peanuts lmao

Thank you for the feedback. If the email was the daily digest, that’s a bot that randomly grabs the best selling.

If it was another email, we sometimes underestimate the interest in a product. :\

This was a tumb down for Woot. A BIG tumb down. As you see from my link, that product qualifies for an email to Amazons Prime clients. It wont went out of stock after 12 hours. If the price was the same, I can agree the 100 was a good quantity but for the price of 4.99, not even worth to add as an item. Maybe as a “add-on” but not as an email.

And now, in this very moment, I got another mail about same Hothands add and when open it, says SOLD OUT. Lmao

Sounds like that email is the email based on your search and viewing history. It’s an automated email that seems to be rather dumb about noticing something is sold out.

I’ll pass this on. Thank you!