Hothy Holidays

Downward facing at-at. Festive! :slight_smile:

Christmas lights are the real phantom menace.

Thank you for my great, spontaneous laugh of the day, Calbers 76! So funny! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Where are the sales stats for this shirt? I can’t believe that nobody bought one of these yet.

So funny, congrats Calbers76

Our sales stats are broken. :frowning:

It’s definitely being purchased. :slight_smile:

Have customers clicked ‘I want one’ and made many much purchases? Yes, yes they have. An AT-AT eating dirt because of “HANGING UP THESE LIGHTS!” speaks to many! Remember the great site downness of 2017? Yeah…we are working through that.

This is awesome! Might be the shirt I’ll wear when I go and watch The Last Jedi :slight_smile:

“The great site downness”. Could this be inspiration for next week’s derby?

Ok, I will say it, IT’S A TRIP