HOTOR AC to DC Converter 100W to 12V

HOTOR AC to DC Converter 100W to 12V

I’m most puzzled by one of the “wide uses” in the 7th pic. I mean, what is the point of converting 120V AC down to 12V DC … to convert it back to 120V AC?



Yep. A pretty inefficient way to get 120V AC… :wink:


The only reason I can think of is for infinite power. And if that was the case, there’s still no reason to convert down to 12v first.


Yes, I was thinking “STEM project FAIL”
All that good science education gone to waste…

Also I’m puzzled about their stern warning and PICTURE about no, not coolers, coolers are bad, keep them away! It just seems silly because I have a unit that looks pretty-much just like this, and it was sold for the purpose of running a thermoelectric car cooler. Those coolers usually use about 5A max, so theoretically this should be fine.

It’s true that there are better cooler/freezer units that use a compressor that probably need more power, at least when the motor starts, so maybe that’s what they’re thinking of.

I would say this should be fine for running a thermoelectric cooler.
[And then going back to the STEM FAIL, you could also plug in the inverter to provide the power and you’d have an infinite cooler that never need external power. And then if could generate infinite beer for the cooler, they that would really be a breakthrough!