Hottips Cellphone Battery Cases

Since these battery cases are sold in a 3 pack (which seems completely unnecessary) could we get one of each color?

Are these certified by Apple?


This is exactly what I’ve been NEEDing as I recently broke my otterbox…except the design of this product doesn’t excite me for my S4… I don’t want the flap and how does my phone stay in the case? You can see how it would in the iphone models.
amazon reviews don’t look that great for this product a lot of complaints about heat. but with an on and off switch I can understand it is all self control. The S4 runs hot if you charge it while using it heavily.

Also as for being a ‘case’ it looks like the only thing protective is the felt for drops, and that tiny amount of plastic won’t help if your screen hits first. I would buy it just for the charging cables and batteries alone but the case will run less than 1amp through it from what I can tell. That means it really isn’t going to “charge” your phone if your using it, really just keep it from dying.

Anyone else have thoughts?

I got these the last time they were up for sale… they work just fine, phone stays charged the whole day.

Even has the Apple connector and not a micro-USB for charging.