Hottips Cellphone Battery Cases

It’s a ¨lightening¨ cable? Does that mean it makes your iPhone less heavy?


Whats the chance the 5/5s cases fit a 5c iPhone?

Is this really a 3 pack? I’m a big fan of crazy woot deals- just want to make sure I’m not losing my vision or something

You’re NOT blind. 3-packs, indeed!

I got the galaxy s4 black cases and its not even 2 weeks out and 2 are not charging my phone. They all take a charge but the phone doesn’t’ recognize them once inserted (doesn’t charge). If I use a microusb extender / splitter I can still charge my phone but that not the point of a charging case.
So I paid $15 for one charging case and 2 powerbanks that I need to supply cords for. :expressionless:

Hmm - are there warranties on these?

They have a 1yr warranty with Hottips. You can reach out to them for assistance.

If you need any extra help getting connected with Hottips, email with your order info and situation. CS will get you pointed in the right direction.

Awesome - thanks!
I will be contacting woot support - hottips contact pagecontact page returns

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but later never works :frowning: