Houdini 5-Piece Wine Gift Set

I bought one of these last time in red. I even think I may have paid a little bit more than this. This is truly a great little set. Very convenient being able to single handedly remove a cork in about 5 seconds. Maybe this is a bit over the top to some, but to me anything that gets me to my wine faster and easier is a great tool.

Edit: I’ll also admit that I’m a wimp when it comes to regular corkscrews. This is great if you too are a wimp.

Bought last time. Great set. Love the preserver tool. Keeps the wine fresh

These things are amazing. No more bits of cork in the good wine!

At this price they make very good house party gifts and/or polyana type gifts (in 6 months of course).

This looks suspiciously like it’s on the wrong Woot.

It’s not Thursday though.

This is something you would often use in the kitchen. Your kitchen is in your home.

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Agreed. Although I still may get one for a gift…

So happy this set came back around again. My old reliable corkscrew got bent and it’s time for a replacement.

[youtube=Ri79mq_Avys] [/youtube]

Here is a commercial for this, it’s all computer animated but opening wine is seriously this easy with this Houdini wine opener

I also bought a couple of these last time they were offered - one for me and one for a gift. I was impressed with the presentation, and the quality is fine.

It still takes me two hands to open a bottle, though. You need to squeeze the plastic tube around the top of the bottle with one hand and crank the lever with the other. However, it is much easier than a regular corkscrew.

These corkscrews are fine for both conventional and synthetic corks, but be careful with the compressed corks in some Prosecco bottles (the ones you can’t just pop) - those can bend the screw. Fortunately, a spare screw is included…

Bought one when it was on Woot a few weeks back.

In for two more just to keep around to give as gifts. Next two birthdays are already done, hopefully its not a kids…

It seals the bottle which is nice, but if I’m correct, there appears to be no vaccum pump here. Without a vaccum the wine will oxidize.

You obviously are not enjoying your wine if it oxidizes in the bottle. The only reason you should need the sealer is to keep those nasty flying things out of the drink.

Careful - These don’t hold up well.

I own and use every model of corkscrew made by Metrokane, including the Rabbit and the Houdini. For years they’ve been my first choice for opening wine (except for old bottles whose corks usually crumble with any style Metrokane.)

The Houdini stands out for its less rugged construction compared to the other models make by Metrokane. The plastic frame of the device has a tendency to break, often with less than a year’s use. It’s then unusable. While supposedly under warranty for years, you get hit with paying shipping back to Metrokane and must also pay them $7.50 for the warranty service. Some warranty!


I got one last time (for more $)here on Woot.
The thing works great & the included aerator is both simple to use & just as effective as the $40 Vinturi (I also own one), not to mention easier to clean, it’s no-hands operation (just sit it on the glass & pour) & you can even stick it in the mouth of the bottle as a holder till it is time for another refill. Excellent deal at this price - in for 2 more

Bought this set off the Woot site (for a little more, bums) for a mothers day gift and she absolutely loves it. Works perfectly and she has no complaints…If you love your wine, its a must have.

Mikey P

This buy was a no-brainer for me. I was going to go to Target and get one of the wine sealers. They cost $10.99 there. For $7 more I get the great opener, the capsule cutter (which I also need), the aerator, and an additional worm shipped! Way cool, woot!


Anybody know how they are shipping this? According to my account info for this order, it is coming USPS but they can’t provide any tracking info? Seems an odd way to ship …

I replied to your other post, but just to get the message out there:

Yeah, this is a little confusing. Your order shipped with SmartPost and it can technically track with USPS, after it has been handed off by FedEx.

Try plugging the number here. and it should bring up the correct tracking.