Houdini 5-Piece Wine Gift Set



I bought 2 on a prior woot-- gold and silver. I think the gold look the most sleek (it’s not too bright and metallic/shiny of a gold), but the silver matched my other stuff. Gold are waiting to be gifted to somebody I like who likes wine… not sure who that is yet.


that’s a nice looking aerator. anyone know how well it works?


Spent $30 plus S&H for this a few weeks ago. Got rave reviews on QVC.


Server error! Please fix this. I have 1 of these - it’s wonderful! Wanted to buy more. Grrrrr

Same server error just happened on woot!


Gmwhit and I have this set and we have both raved about how great it is to open your wine and have it corked in 5 seconds.

Protip: If you hold the bottom of the opener close and push the handle back down the cork comes off insanely easy.


Having the same problem. What gives?


I bought this set for an old (not old age but from the past) professor of mine and he claims it’s great. I believe he said it’s better than by grammar.


The servers are being fixed as we…write…please wait patiently as we rectify the situation.

Thank you for you patience!

Woot Staff


Hey! Get your butt in DWChat you foxy lady you.


My buy button isn’t working either.


If you can buy one in the same colour you should try to buy it here and return it to QVC :tongue:


tap, tap, tap


I cant buy!!! Server error! HELP!!! WANT!!!


fixed! i got one - you can too!!!


Sorry, I guess I was being a little impatient… Still having trouble… Breathe, Cody. Breathe.


Still can’t :frowning:


If the servers aren’t fixed before this is gone, this is my order:

1 champagne
1 plum

Thanks for processing this order!



we’re being patient as the people who were here when you originally posted this product because we’re monitoring your wootoff…as you want us all to do. yet we continue to get an error when we try to submit our orders while the product “countdown” continues to dwindle. we’ll be patient when you learn how to e-merchant.


server error. dangit! I really really want this!