Houdini Aerating Pourer and Rabbit Corkscrew Set

Houdini Aerating Pourer and Rabbit Corkscrew Set
$19.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Houdini Aerating Pourer & Rabbit Zippity 2-Step Corkscrew
COLOR: Black, Burgundy

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So the Rabbit has simplified into a standard double hinged wine key? Sure does take up less space!

Is the Houdini Aerating Pourer plastic? Just remembering some discussion comparing the glass Soire and the plastic Venturi, and that some people will not let their precious wine touch anything plastic.

Go Vino cups are plastic and they sold a million of those, i’m tossing the aerator anyway I need the corkscrew.

I wish I could but just the wine key, I have no use for the aerator.

Not the most economical cork screw ever :slight_smile:

The Go Vino cups are made of higher grade pharmaceutical quality plastic, I think. We have some “unbreakable” plastic stems that we’ve hardly ever used and seem to scratch just by looking at them too hard.

That corkscrew is very similar to the 2-step “Pulltap’s” that they sell at TJ’s for around $5 (that, however, is a fuzzy memory since I’ve had it for 4 years; I see it’s $10 on Amazon). The 2-step method is super easy, because you get 2 leverage points. The main benefit I’ve noticed, other than reduced effort for the initial lever-push, is fewer broken corks. I’m not sure about the time-saving claims of the “Rabbit,” though… I’m usually into a bottle in around 5 seconds or so with the one I have.

I could imagine that a lower-friction corkscrew would have some benefit for people with arthritic hands and wrists, but why wouldn’t they get a powered bottle opener?

I’ve heard of a piercing gaze before, but that just sounds kind of lame.

Both of those features make for a much smoother experience for both the cork and the person removing it from the bottle, arthritis or not. Powered bottle openers tend to produce an obnoxious sound as their under powered electric motor struggles to remove the cork from the neck of a bottle.

In my never ending quest to find the perfect portable aerator, if you or anyone in the LA area wants this just for the corkscrew, I’m interested just in the aerator so let me know if you want to share somehow.

I think the choice is clear. Since it’s not Friday, Friday, Friday, I’ll have to select the burgundy one. Besides how can you select the black one if you can only use it one day out of the week and have to be with your friends to use it?


$10 + shipping (was $5 to MI)

Limited stock, if you believe what they have to say.

EDIT: The above URL is for the burgundy, 2 left as of this writing. Here’s the black, 6 left:


This is nice… but this one would make a much better accessory. Versear
. Too bad its not in production yet. Still if you like it commit to it now and when its made you will get one of the first ones off the line plus presale influence.

Yes, it is made out of plastic.

PM sent

Hi - I’m writing from Metrokane, the makers of the Rabbit and Houdini brands.

The Houdini Aerating Pourer is made of BPA-Free plastic. Drinking from a plastic aerator will have no effect on any quality wine.


I have first-hand experience with this aerator, and I have to admit I like it less than the Vinturi. You seem to get a lot of minor dribbles and drips with it. After all, the only thing worse than having your precious wine touch plastic is having it end up on your clothes.

Unless you are on a wine bottle opening assembly line is another 5 seconds to open one really going to matter? Personally I don’t mind taking another 5 seconds, it’s part of the whole wine drinking experience. Now less broken corks, that may have some merit.

Thanks for the feedback. Do you know of any tasting rooms that use this? The longer I look at the picture the more familiar it looks from our recent Central Coast trip.