Houdini Aerating Pourer w/ Preserver (2)

Houdini Aerating Pourer with Houdini Wine Preserver 2-Pack
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[MOD EDIT: Similar model as today’s offer]

Unrelated to today’s offering. This may have been asked in a previous thread, but a search yielded no results. I haven’t seen a wine Woot-off in quite some time. I’ve seen them on the main page, but not for here. Anyone know why that is?

I second the motion for a wine.woot off!

And can we get rid of the wineless Thursday offerings? This is a plus item.

Hmmmmm…so one part puts air INTO the wine and the other one takes the air OUT.

Sometimes there’s not enough inventory to sustain a woot-off.

Technically, one part puts air into the wine and the other takes air out of the bottle.

Is this worth buying? It usually take me days to drink a whole bottle… was thinking it would be good to have the pump to preserve it. Don’t care so much for the aerator, but is definitely a plus.

Just put the remainng portion into a smaller bottle (disposable water bottles work well and come in many sizes). If it fills the bottle, no air no oxidation.

I’m not sure on the value of the aerator, but I picked up the preserver portion of this package for $5 on clearance at Target about a month ago.

The preserver looks a lot like the Rabbit ones. Which have never, ever worked for me for more than like an hour. Whenever I go to open the wine the next day, there is zero pressure and it has continued to oxidize.

If you want a reliable vacuum system, I suggest VacuVin. Someone on here suggested it to me, and I’ve been totally happy with it; seal lasts, I’ve had a bottle sit for two weeks and still have pressure when opening…

I’ve found that the Houdini maintains a vacuum for about 24 hours. If you’re hoping it will hold for a few days, this isn’t the system for you.

… or post tour funding capability …

I feel that the photo showing two sets was misleading. Mine came in today and I was expecting 2 sets. This is about the same price I would expect to pay at any discount store. No great shakes on the deal on this one…

Per the “in the box”, you were to get

(1) Houdini Aerating Pourer - Silver
(1) Houdini Wine Preserver Vacuum Pump with 2 Stoppers

Did you get that?