Houdini Auto Escape Tool - 2 Pack

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Houdini Auto Escape Tool - 2 Pack
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Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Houdini 30100 Auto Escape Tool - Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter, Safety Whistle & LED Light

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this things were always fun to use when i was with the fire dept.

well…not exactly these. but center punches were always very effective.

Did you know that Hary Houdini has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

I learned that from my Fact or Crap calendar from Woot.


Automobile Review

Are these a one time use? I gotz a lotz of windowz to beakz!

Just happened to see them use a spring-loaded glass puncher on a repeat of MythBusters yesterday. They were surprised at how effective it was (keys/kicking car window did not work).

Also great for those long road trips when the kids just won’t shut up.

Seriously though, every driver should have one of these. You never know when some distracted driver swerves her car and sends you into a conveniently located body of water. This may even save your life.

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The average rating on Buzzillions is 2.6 stars or so. Not that awesome.

Escape Video

I’m wondering how this is any more productive than a steeltoe boot.

This would be really cool if it was bright yellow.

Oh wait…

Sheesh, I hope I never have to use one of these.

And to that end, I will live in denial of the possibility I will ever need one of these devices and thus will not purchase one of these kits :stuck_out_tongue:

will this work with laminated glass

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While i admit I am unsure what this is for… I found someone who does understand: