Houdini Auto Escape Tool - 2 Pack

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I don’t want to have to have to break a window or slash a seatbelt to find out if it works well

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This would be great to hand to your passenger as you explain the safety procedures for a water landing. Keep the other one in the center console for a real emergency. Maybe get an Oxygen mask on eBay and really ensure no one wants to call you for rides.

This should work on Teller, but we’re gonna need a bigger tool for Penn.

I bought this last woot. The only problem I’ve had is trying to take off the cover for the cutting blade (that has the key ring). I wiggled at it so much, it now is too loose, and the part covering the light flipped off in the process. The whistle works, haven’t tested the glass breaker (nor want to ever have to, but others have links posted in the last woot of breaking car window glass well). It is small and light, and I still use the key ring. The light worked when the light switch was on it. I haven’t tried the second one yet. It’s 2.5 inches long x 1.25 inches wide by a little more than 0.5 inches thick.

(C’mon, people, don’t make me wait for it.)

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Oh look, another sellout.woot item that I’ve purchased from Woot. So, what did I think of it?

Mini-review time!

I found these things to be pretty sweet, overall. All the features on it work as advertised, though it took a little bit of reading to figure out exactly how to work everything.

Seatbelt cutter: it’s pretty sharp. Didn’t test it on actual seatbelt material, but it sliced through paper like it wasn’t even there. I would depend on it to shred a belt if I needed to escape quickly.

Window breaker: This puzzled me at first. You push the black plunger (the small black cylinder that protrudes out the end) against your target with a decent amount of pressure. This triggers the spring-powered glass-breaking rod-harpoon-thing. Tested it on a stack of newspapers… and it left a very hearty 1/8" dent in it that pierced quite a ways through the papers. Again, this would make short work of a car door window.

LED light: Pull the little paper tab out to allow the battery power to reach the LED, then hold the switch “ON” to activate it. The switch has a spring on it, so it automatically turns itself off when you let go of the switch. It wasn’t superbly bright, but still useful for finding things in very low lighting (something you dropped, looking at a fuse box in your car, etc).

One last note: see that little cap in the photo that the key ring is attached to? It covers the seat belt cutter. BEFORE YOU PUT THE CAP ON, take a look at the cap. You’ll see a couple of little plastic nubs on them. These are what holds the cap onto the main unit, but they hold it a little too well, making the cap’s removal VERY hard.

I strongly suggest you file them down just a little bit. Enough that it comes off easier, but not too much that it doesn’t click at all. The little files found in fingernail clippers works perfectly. Just take off a little bit, try it, and take off more if it’s still very hard.

In short: I recommend these. Buy a few, leave them in your your car within reach of the driver seat.

Hope the review and tip helps. :smiley:

Also, last time, these did NOT come with an instruction manual. You can read an online PDF version of it by clicking here, which is hosted on Houdini’s website.

I have these from a previous woot! - they are terrific! They are slightly heavy and add a bit of bulk to your collection of keys, perhaps too bulky for some to place in your pocket, but I am a bigger guy and I wear it on my key ring without a problem. My wife keeps it on her keys in her purse and has no issues.

I was concerned that the mechanism that keeps the unit attached to the key ring might be flimsy or break, but I have put these through a month or more of abuse and they don’t fall off. The clip actually covers the seat belt cutter and I think it is intentionally very secure - but if you ever have the adrenaline pumping and need to cut yourself out, just pull and give a slight twist and off it will come. Very sharp recessed blade.

These are a remarkable little lifesaving tool-set in an amazing package, I highly recommend them. They also make a great gift. The light comes in handy more often than I can count . . .

I was out at a “pick a part” place looking for a hard to find piece for a 'vette I am restoring . . . I pushed the glass break device down on a small side window of an older wrecked Pontiac, worked flawlessly.

My wife has used her whistle twice in corralling kids . . .

There isn’t really anything bad I can say about these - Buy 'em! I’m way over 100 woot! purchases since 2005 and I just bought again, Christmas will be here before you know it!

Great product, great price.

This is actually one of those products in which you’re lucky if you don’t have to ever use it.

And no one will ever make a truly negative review of this. They’ll be dead.

Thanks, I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one with a problem with the cap, and your tip answers the question of what I can try to loosen the cap on the other unit (and if I buy more for the family). I might try the twisting method from above that GregBowman mentioned as well.

When will I need to escape twice?

I also got them in the previous Woot, and the caps are indeed on tight. But I was concerned that if I loosened them (e.g. as Bandrik suggested), that my wife and I would just lose the escape tools off of our keychains.

Fortunately, we both have long keychains, and it’s easy to remove the cap with a key.

One for yourself, one for the car center compartment as a backup to reach for, or for the person in the passenger seat to use at the same time. See above.

Thanks, NightGhost, another option to try for the cap on my other unit (unless I buy more anyway later today). Good night.