Houdini Auto Escape Tool - 2 Pack

does woot ship to prisons?

arrrgh, I need wooters.us

Got these so I’d never have to use 'em. Does that make sense?

These are great considering i get stuck in my car often. I can use a two pack. :expressionless:

Even Houdini could not escape from the insanity that is tonight’s woot-off

Good stocking stuffers!

Does this work for motorcycles?

Good deal!

didn’t Houdini drown?

man…i was hoping this woot-off would be better than the last one. i suppose the night is still young.

My .357 will accomplish everything this tool does, and then some…of course you have to aim pretty good to get the seatbelt with one shot.

I locked my keys in the car…

Bet if I had one it wouldn’t be where it should be when I need it.

I got these so my family will never need to use them! Great items if they are ever needed! Get 3 for stocking stuffers!

Me too!

The stupid cap is almost impossible to get off. Bought 3 before and had to toss all of them.

If you have these you will not get out of your car.

i can use this to escape woot tonight

He should have had this whistle

buy a boat already and forget about car belts!