Houdini Vertical Corkscrew & Stopper Set - 2 Colors

**Item: **Houdini Vertical Corkscrew & Stopper Set - 2 Colors
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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I signed in to say I have one of these and they’re a godsend. Cork a bottle in 5 seconds and with very little resistance. I love it.

These rock, too bad it isn’t like the deal from late last year $8

When it comes to Wine, you can’t go wrong with anything Houdini. Bought for self and friend, works great.

These work very well - magically quick and efficient like a regular Rabbit, only vertical. Unfortunately, today’s price is $5 higher than the $19.99 I paid on Wine.woot in 2011.

Yes, I know that today’s offer includes some stoppers, but (a) $5 is a steep price for stoppers, especially when most woot-winos already have plenty around the house, and (b) who on earth opens a bottle of wine without finishing it? That doesn’t even make sense to me.

Why is the price going higher and higher? I will have to keep my drill around until then.

Wow! I have bought six of these from woot! and they were I think $8.99 at the time, and the sets came with an awesome aerator.

If that deal comes back, I’d recommend it over this one. They make great gifts.

I’ve heard some plastic corks will strip the teflon coating off the screw - anyone know if that’s true and is it any plastic cork?

Hard plastic corks (when they were popular, they were usually in some bright color like red or green) are not kind to the Teflon coating - they don’t necessarily strip it, but they do wear it off very rapidly. I rarely see that kind of cork anymore, though; most synthetic corks nowadays are made of a much foamier material that is easy for the worm to go through.

I have one of these. Gets the cork out OK, but the removal mechanism is garbage. You have to use a fork between the cork and the top of the gizmo to get it out. The “gripper” is cheap plastic that feels like it will break off if you squeeze it too hard.

I tossed mine in the trash a week ago. Cheaply made. Something plastic broke and removing a cork from the bottle became a 10-minute ordeal. Lots of so-so reports on Amazon. 24 reviews averaging a dismal 2-stars.

After spending quite some time seeking a replacement, I picked this up from “big A”. It’s still too early to review, but it seems well-made.

To remove the cork from the screw, you just hold the part that goes around the bottle top and then lower/raise the arm. Pops the cork right off.

I have one of these from the Houdini Gift Set we sold a while back. It’s the only way I can successfully open a bottle of wine without breaking the cork. I love it.

I was waiting for these to come back so I could buy some for friends. Then I realized none of my friends like wine as much as I do.
Maybe I should buy some anyway, and just get better friends.

We can be friends. My corkscrew (electric Metrokane Rabbit) broke after 9 months of normal use. With your corkscrew and my stock of wine, we’ll be okay.

I got one of these vertical Houdinis for my parents back in I think 2011. They couldn’t get it to work and waited until a week ago to tell me, because they were embarrassed. I thought they must be using it wrong, so I tried it and couldn’t get it to work either. On my second try, a piece flew off. It’s still under warranty so I’ll have to figure out if/where I can return it.

I have a rabbit-style one at home that works great. If I get a refund for the vertical I’ll probably buy them a rabbit instead.

I’m sure not every one breaks down like this. Just my experience with it.

Worse than that, they were only 8.99 here on woot on, 10/20/2012.

I wish I had taken three instead of just one that day. This is the best utensil I have ever used to remove a cork and I have been checking woot every day to see if they came back but, the 19.99 over the 8.99 has me saying no.

Here are the comments from last October,

I have this from a previous woot and love it. Bought a few for friends, too, so I wouldn’t have to transport mine around, and all have worked flawlessly. Definitely the easiest method I’ve encountered to pop a bottle.

Not sure why others have experienced issues with it. There’s a slight learning curve if you’ve never used this type of corkscrew, but I’d say I was a pro by the third bottle… or maybe the wine just made me think that I was…


Can you give me more information? Are you getting an error?