Houdini Vertical Wine Opener

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Houdini Vertical Wine Opener
$15.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This isn’t wine.woot.

Um, wine.woot? Wait, this is pretty cool, my wife would love this thing.

Product details from Tuesday Morning: http://www.tuesdaymorning.com/5-piece-wine-set/1178737.jsp

Wonder how many times we’ll see this or similar posted in the next 24 hours.

Here’s some QVC reviews.

5 Piece set that’s and it’s available in red? I’m definitely in for one!

I am no wine expert but I was just looking for something like this a couple weeks ago, and a good Wine Opener+Foil cutter was about 18 dollars alone.

You had to know this was coming. Enjoy.

Well to keep up your expectations thunderthighs–Um… I think woot posted this wine woot product on the wrong site!


on a serious note–not alot of reviews on amazon–but the one review it has is 5 stars…plust woots price is better so who knows, maybe i will get one as a gift for my parents who like drinking wine…


I don’t appreciate this company being named after the greatest magician of all time. Harry is rolling over in his masoleum.

Looks nice. I should probably pick one up before I hurt myself with my current wine opener… It’s quite shady.

Kind of looks like a Speculum…

If I drank wine that had a double-digit price tag, I’d definitely consider this.

I prefer the waiter’s corkscrew. For anyone who doesn’t know how to use one, search for a youtube video.

Me and the wife love ours. Makes opening wine bottles effortless and allows us to get our drink on faster.

PLUM (fancy way of saying PURPLE) in for one, the cap for champagne costs nearly that much.

Actually an aerator can make a single-digit wine surprisingly better.

UH OH!–I just realized all the kids looking at kids.woot are going to see this product used for alcohol!!! THE HORROR!!!

looks for a Roomba on wine woot