Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe (1)

Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe (1)
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I’m going to use this for whisky.

Don’t judge me.

Unfortunately, that was a no brainer.

Is the carafe glass or plastic?

Can’t find that info online anywhere…

The fact that they note it as BPA-Free, I’m going to guess plastic.

The outside of the item’s box says crystal

The carafe is glass.

The black top piece is plastic, the chamber is stainless steel, and the cap to the chamber is rubber.


But now gone, either sold out or pulled by Amazon. If sold out, hopefully they will be able to fulfill all the orders they got because they had two identical listings for the same product, which usually indicates that Amazon has consolidated duplicate product pages into one. If that’s the case, the seller may have had all or most of their inventory under both listings which would only allow them to fulfill about half the orders placed overnight.

Or not…

Wouldn’t be a bad way to get red wine chilled to the proper temperature, depending on how fast it cools it. I believe the Williams-Sonoma wine book says 65-68 degrees, so perhaps one could leave the cap loose and let it aerate and chill simultaneously.

It would probably look less ghetto than my pulling my reds out of the freezer after 10 minutes like I’m grabbing a can of orange juice concentrate and some frozen peas next to my Otter Pop dessert…

Yep…Just now a “great” deal if they are “tweaking” the pricing on the “mothership” page to enhance the “perceived” value on the “Woot” site…

Woot is supposed to be about “blow-out” one day sales…Not about what Amazon wants to “dump” on us for the most they can make…

I would not buy this just for the principal of the thing at this point…let alone the lack of value…

FWIW, that was a 3rd party seller on Amazon that had it listed at a lower price and presumably sold out of the item. In fact, Amazon does not sell this item directly, it is only offered through 3rd party sellers on Amazon’s website.

EDIT: I’m in, this will come in handy for Myrtle Beach next month. Our hotel has an oceanfront grassy area with tables/umbrellas and they allow guests to consume their own adult beverages.

Last wooter to woot:chipgreen

My Amazon shows my order was shipped.

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You were quick. We west-coasters have a three-hour disadvantage.

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