Houdini Wine-Chilling Crystal Carafe

Houdini Wine-Chilling Crystal Carafe - Black
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We love to use this carafe to keep whites and roses chilled in the summertime. Similar to a corksicle but better.

The Houdini carafe holds a full 750ml whereas a corksicle displaces wine in the bottle, so you have to pour a glass out before you can use it. Also, wine stays colder longer in the carafe due to the large size of the chilling rod vs. the narrower corksicle.

Do you freeze water in the chamber or do you add ice cubes? Also, what size ice cubes fit?

The instructions say to use ice cubes but we fill/freeze it with water. You want to fill it only about 3/4 full though, to allow for expansion.

But if you prefer to use ice cubes, the chamber is large enough to accept standard sized ice cubes from your freezer tray.

Pretty sure I paid over $25 for this a few years ago on here. Might just have to get a backup at this price…

You use it often? I can see where freezing water in it would be superior to filling with ice cubes. But the negative reviews seem to be from people who do the freezing water thing but the chamber cracks.

They are probably overfilling it.