House of Malcontent Tee & Bonus

I’d probably be all over this shirt, if I watched Game of Thrones, but nope.

first purchase after 6+ hours of woot off watch :slight_smile:

Did you get the bonus? I could have got it easily, but didn’t want it.

I’ve never watched the show, but I am tempted to get this one. Hopefully it sells off soon and I no longer have to sit on the fence debating it.

8 more minutes.

Edit: 7 minutes

That was an exceedingly good deal, but I imagine it would fall more under “gift” than anything else, since if you’re a big fan of the show you probably already had it. Still…

This shirt needs a Fablefire fox.

My purchase reads Tee + Bonus, what is the bonus? The DVD + Tee option was greyed out for me, so I didn’t think that would be it.

WHY can we only buy one shirt?

I don’t buy just one shirt, I have three kids and I always buy them one each.

WTF, Woot?

I think all orders read that. If you paid $12 you’re probably just getting the tee. If you paid $50, CONGRATS! You’re getting Blu-Ray copies of both seasons!

How can you tell how much time is left? The “countdown bar” goes from 100 to 0 all at once.

Nae, didn’t get the bonus. Not from the US so the bluray would have been the ‘wrong’ region code for me.
and I’ve seen them anyway :wink:

Most of the shirts are up for 20 minutes, then they move on to the next.
Of course, the one time I mention the amount of time, they make me look like a liar.

OK Shirt.Woot, this shirt is so 30 minutes ago. Move on to the next.

Agreed! This one started at ~ 0858.

We can only give one title to a sale so the limited Bonus sales are a bit wonky. If you ordered the Bonus (no shirt size choice), you’ll get the shirt and bonus. If you ordered with a shirt (choosing a shirt size), you get the shirt only.

Limitations of our setup for this combined Bonus sale. You can order the House of Malcontent from the catalog though.