House of Marley Bag of Riddim BT Portable Audio

Does this come with a rechargeable lithium ion battery?

Per the vendor: yes!

I really want one of these is it worth the $174

I have the harmon kardon disc at home and work but Something says buy one of these.

Let me know if i should buy one

Not rechargeable?

I haven’t seen this one, but Fry’s has a similarly large (but slightly smaller, I think) House of Marley BT speaker and I thought it was the most impressive of all the BT speakers they had. It was certainly the loudest and richest sounding. It was also priced similarly to this one. The only thing I didn’t like about that is that the speakers were exposed. I like to have speaker grills to protect the speakers, especially from my daughter. I remember how when I was a kid, my dad got these giant Fisher speakers with his big 80’s rack stereo and I always thought it was great fun to push the cones in and poke holes in them with pins.

3.6 stars at Amazon; biggest complaint is the button panel tends to fail after a short time, second complaint is manufacturer support after the fact. Honestly, I’m still a little bit tempted; if the manufacturer made it tough to replace the button board, I would just fab a new one. Not everybody can do that though.