House Wine Cabernet Sauvignon, 3L Box (3)

Why is the list price over $110 for 3 x 3l boxes? This stuff goes for under $25 a box here, and under $20 when on sale. Is this more than 3 boxes and I’m reading it wrong or something? Or are “list” prices now based on black market prices in Malaysia, assuming import by skiff in the dead of night?

Not a good deal at all. This wine is under $20 per box anywhere I go.

List price is $25/box plus the average cost of shipping if you purchased from other sites.

We include shipping in our price so you’re getting a great deal.

That would be $60 for 3 boxes. Ours is less and shipping is included in the price. Right to your door.

Any comments on the wines?

We don’t have this boxed wine locally, so we know nothing about it. Any tasting comments would be helpful. Particularly on the whites.

It isn’t $50, unless my page is different from yours. And I thought woot was about incredible last minute deals, not saving me a buck 50 on a box of marginal wine. I’m an avid shopper on woot, and have been here since day 1, but I gotta call it like I see it. Don’t worry, we are still buddies.

NOTE: ThunderThighs changed the price in the original post from $50 to $60.

Gotta agree, this deal is not much of a deal. Gonna pass and suggest Woot consider much more accurate price comparisons before, well, it gets them in trouble and drives up the cost of our deals.