House Wine Chardonnay Case (12)

House Wine Chardonnay 12-Pack Case
Sold by: Precept Wine
$89.99 $180.00 50% off List Price
2014 House Wine Chardonnay

Use to love the House Red. Forgot all about this winery.

Is this a sign that we might see other offerings from Charles Smith? Maybe some of his K vintners bottles… I’d buy those, this one not so much.

Is Louisiana just completely blocked by this site now? I used to be allowed to order at least half the time, now every single offering is banned from shipping to LA.

but which house? Tyrell,Baratheon, maybe Slytherin? I don’t want to get poisoned. Or hit by a bar if it’s the house in the middle of the street. :wink:

I don’t think Charles Smith/K Vintners has anything to do with House Wine anymore. Thought it was all Precept now. Which acquired Magnificent. Could be some relationship I’m not aware of. Kind of hard to tell sometimes.

I think your right I was just being hopeful!

We received an email from Woot on Tuesday that we would be receiving a bottle of the house Chardonnay on Wednesday. Unfortunately, we have been on vacation at the beach and the bottle is stuck at FedEx awaiting pickup. We are looking forward to tasting the wine and being able to give a good review. We are just sorry that we were unable to post a review for others to see today.

Apologies folks! I had my review tee’d up to post, but had a family emergency to tend to. Was just able to get to my computer now, but there’s only an hour left on this offer.

I brought the wine over to a friend’s rooftop to enjoy on a beautiful NYC Saturday afternoon. The wine has an approachable label and convenient twist cap. On the nose, we got touches of yellow and green fruit. On the mouth - minerality, pineapple, lime, and vanilla. Very enjoyable on the roof, and probably even better by the pool. I only see this available by the can or box on the website, but I believe this would be a great QPR regardless. A good wine and definitely a crowd pleaser!

He also sold off another chunk of his “lower end” wines (Kung Fu Girl, etc) to Constellation Brands in late 2016.

So Woot says:

  • Preparing For Shipment
  • Estimated delivery date: Friday, July 28, 2017

They better get it shipped if it’s arriving today!